Disregard suspended Afoko's statement – Akomea

The New Patriotic Party’s Communications Director, Nana Akomea, has asked party members to disregard a statement issued by their suspended National Chairman, Paul Afoko.
Though suspended, he is reported to have signed a press statement as Chairman of the party, congratulating Ivorian President, Alassane Quattara on his victory in that country’s polls.
The statement, dated 27th October was issued on an NPP letterhead.
According to Nana Akomea, Mr. Afoko still has access to his office and could even issue statements on the party’s official letterhead.
Nana Akomea explained that Afoko was able to author the statement because his office is still accessible to him.
“Mr Afoko has not been overthrown or dismissed so his office has not been broken into and party property like letter heads collected. He still has his office so it is still possible that he will write or sign such a letter.
Especially when there have been statements from people speaking for him that he believes that he is still the Chairman of the NPP despite the decision of the party to suspend him.”
He however urged party members to disregard the said statement, saying it will have no effect.
“I can assure you that from the National Executive Committee of the NPP, that letter will have no effect.
If the NEC decides to issue another letter to Quattara they will do it without any problem at all. There is a steering committee today and I am sure this issue will be discussed.”
Nana Akomea also wondered why Mr. Afoko resorted to the court to seek redress over his suspension when he is still exercising his powers as the party’s Chairman.
“Mr. Afoko’s lawyers have said that they are going to court and so if the belief that he is still the Chairman is to be sustained, then the question is why then are they in court?If you are in court to obtain relief but then at the same time you are seen to be exercsiing that relief I do not know how it plays out in your court case.
Mr. Afoko was suspended indefinitely last Friday after the National Executive Committee upheld a decision by the Disciplinary Committee to oust him.
Reports have suggested that he has failed to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee several times after he was invited to answer questions on his alleged misconduct.

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