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Bishop Heward-Mills ‘denies’ Ivy Heward-Mills in bribery scandal

The Presiding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International has cautioned persons linking him to one of the judges caught on camera allegedly taking bribes.
Without recourse to any check, some social commentators went berserk with wild claims that one Justice Ivy Heward-Mills, involved in the judicial scandal, is the wife of the Bishop.
He has therefore cautioned persons spreading such false information to desist from it.
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills stated categorically that “my wife is not a judge and has never been a judge, not even for one day in her life. My wife is a pastor.”
However, he admitted on Sunday that his wife, Pastor Adelaide Heward-Mills is a trained lawyer, he reiterated that she has never worked as a judge.
Bishop Heward-Mills said even if his wife had wanted to be a judge he would not have approved of it.
Delivering a sermon in Church today, he admonished on the need for people to focus on the needs and progress of others so that God will promote them.
He noted that very often in Ghana, people at the top focus on how they will entrench themselves and how they will keep prospering without giving the opportunity to the younger generation to rise to greatness.
The bishop said he took a decision long ago never to be the only bishop at Lighthouse Chapel because he believes in raising others to greatness for a better impact.
As a result, he has left the bigger congregations for the younger bishops to run while he pastors the university campus chapels across the country to raise a new generation of leaders.
“Jesus left his throne in heaven and came down to save others and now God has exalted him above everybody else. In the same way if we think of how to make life better for others we will even prosper more,” he said.
The Bishop also cited the biblical Good Samaritan story and explained the priest and Levite in that story have become examples of selfish and bad persons, while the Good Samaritan has become popular because he sought the interest of another person in need.
“As a person I have never focused on trying to prosper but God keep blessing me. I have watched people who try hard to prosper but they are not prospering because they are selfish,” he said.
For the past ten years, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has held 100 Healing Jesus Crusades across 14 countries in Africa, spending millions of dollars from the church and from donors to do so without any financial returns.
He said his focus in doing those crusades is to make life better for others and not get financial returns.
“We need to look beyond our families and inner circles and start thinking about how to extend help to others who really need help and that is how we attract real progress,” he said.
Source – myjoyfm

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