Ghana Dance Festival launched

Ghana Dance Festival has been launched in Accra to promote the country’s cultural heritage in the form of dance.
The annual dance festival will help develop the dance industry through workshops, career development activities, exhibitions and competitions.
The launch was attended by various dance groups like the Liturgy Dance Group, Ghana Dance Company, Apex Ballroom Dancing Club and Unosalsa Dance Group.
The festival also seeks to foster the right partnerships that could help shape up dancers and the industry at large, and also to unite dancers and provide them with an annual mouth piece for expression.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Creative Dance in Motion, Robert Clark, said one of the shortest ways for happiness is through dance so the dance festival will be a way of finding a common ground for all dancers to entertain the public.
“It is imperative for dancers to come together and make a living out of what they do because dance has gone from just being a passion to business,” he said.
Deputy Minister of Culture, Tourism and Creative Arts, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, said it is important for the country to promote the cultural heritage by using the different kinds of the traditional dances.
She mentioned that the ministry has supported the National Theatre in diverse ways and has organised workshops to promote the tourism and creative arts industry.
Credit: Daily Guide

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