The World's Thinnest 4 TB External Drive Doesn't Need Extra Power

Chances are if you’ve opted for an ultra-portable laptop, you’ve made a few compromises when it comes to on-board storage. So an external hard drive for archiving your mountains of media is a must, and Samsung’s now squeezed four terabytes of storage inside a housing that matches your computer’s svelte dimensions.

It’s not the first time these four terabyte drives have been available in external housings, but to date they’ve always been used in bulky multi-drive RAID setups that are terrible for traveling with. The Samsung P3 Portable is the first time the four terabyte drives have been made available in a case that’s just 0.78-inches thick, and one that doesn’t require an external power source. They can grab all the juice they need from a single USB 3.0 connection to your computer.

Samsung 4T External Drive
Samsung 4T External Drive

Available closer to the end of the month, the four terabyte P3 Portable drive, which prioritizes thinness and portability, will be joined by the equally capacious M3 Portable, which focuses more on durability to keep your data safe while traveling. Pricing hasn’t been revealed for either, but you can certainly expect to pay a premium while these drives are the largest in their class.

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