Rockstone to raise funds for twin disaster victims

Since the horrendous flood and fire disaster two weeks ago, a batch of celebs have shown their business organizations by means of getting donations and expressing their sympathy to the victims and their kins.
And as his contribution to support the victims, the Grand Papa of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone, is organising a fundraiser at his club, Django Bar, tomorrow Friday and Saturday, June 20.
Rockstone, a member of VVIP, who identifies the fund raiser event as an impromptu one says the June 3 incident was quite unfortunate and this is his little path of helping out.
“ I ordinarily do not charge an admittance fee at the gate, but this weekend, I will be committing a little fee to advance finances for the flood victims”, he stated.
The Keep Your Eyes on the Road hitmaker said, “I plan to use proceeds charged at the gate to help the victims. Everyone is getting to pay including the celebrities who will be attending.”
He revealed to Showbiz that, there would be a major concert coming up at which he will perform, but likes to organize this fundraiser at his order as a means of quickly setting up funds to sustain “our comrades, sisters, mothers among others who were regarded by the twin disaster”, he stated.
He added that every citizen is responsible for the cleanliness of the surroundings. “We are dancing for a worthy cause come this weekend and I am encouraging all stars out there to use their celebrity status for a worthy cause.”
He read the fundraising event is being organised in partnership with Joy FM’s Drive Time with Lexis Bill.
Final Friday, Reggie together with a horde of celebrity friends, including Zeal, Juliet Ibrahim and Luther led the hygienic campaign tasking Ghanaians to be proactive about observing proper hygienic practices.
He counseled people to refrain from throwing out of refuse indiscriminately and asked the government to establish instances of some recalcitrant perpetrators to serve as a impediment to others.
Source: Joy News

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