Egypt orders Mubarak re-trial

An appeals court in Egypt has ordered former President Hosni Mubarak to stand trial again over the killing of protesters in 2011.

Mubarak was cleared in a retrial in November 2014 after originally being jailed for life over the death of 800 people during the revolution.
He was separately convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years in jail earlier this year.
Mubarak, 87, is currently in the Maadi military hospital in Cairo.
The judge at the Court of Cassation said Mubarak would be retried on 5 November. It will be the third time the case has been heard.
Mubarak had been convicted of conspiracy to kill in June 2012, but a retrial was ordered on a technicality the following year. The decision to drop the charges sparked protests, with demonstrators clashing with police near Tahrir Square.
The former president, who was in power for nearly 30 years, stepped down in February 2011 after mass protests against his rule.
He has faced a series of trials and retrials over the killings and corruption and the time he has spent in custody means he has already served his three-year jail term for embezzlement.
Credit: BBC

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