Italian TV prankster wants to make up with Muntari

Stefano Corti met the full force of Sulley Muntari’s anger when he played a gay prank on the AC Milan midfielder but now wants to say ‘sorry’ and make up with him.
Known on stage as ‘Lello the footballer’s friend in Italy’, Corti planned a gay prank with a photo montage on a selected number of players plying their trade in Serie A. Players targeted included Daniele De Rossi and Maxi Lopez, who all saw the funny side of the video. Muntari and Fiorentina’s Josip Ilicic,  however, saw it as an insult.
The Ghanaian midfielder, who is a devout Muslim, was so angered by the video that he had pulled over, got out of his car, grabbed the tablet Corti was using and smashed it to the floor while warning: “You’re sick, I do not joke about these things. The next time you make a thing like this I’ll break your face.”
When asked how his prank went with Muntari and Ilicic, Corti amidst short laughs said: ”They pretended to be angry but had a lot of fun but I hope to make peace with Muntari and Ilicic one day.”
On whether he later found time to explain to them that it was all a stage-managed act, Corti replied: “No, the idea of ​​Lello is to merge with the football fans, only in a particular way, after which I do not go back to talk to them. Many players know my character and do not react badly, others who do not know who I am get angry, but the advantage of not being well known is that it makes reactions spontaneous. “
The Italian TV personality underwent a 2-year course in theatre in Milan, graduating in April of 2012. Then he came into contact with the editorial staff of Le Lenne (Reservoir Dogs) and in January 2013 he joined the cast in the role of ‘Lello, friend of the players.’

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