‘’There are calmer waters ahead” – Mahama assures Ghanaians

President John Mahama has assured workers that ‘’there are calmer waters ahead” despite the current difficulties facing the economy
The President said this when he joined Muslims at the Central Mosque in Kumasi for the annual Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations. He was commenting on the Organised Labour demonstration which took place nationwide last Thursday.
“I have noted all the public manifestations and criticisms expressed about the state of the economy over the last several weeks. I have also noted the recent demonstration by Organised Labour. As a social democrat, the working people are my natural allies; I therefore treat their concerns with all the seriousness they deserve, I therefore consider the message in the TUC demonstration as an encouragement to work harder, ’’ he said.
President Mahama added that government has had to implement “some painful but necessary measures to prevent a meltdown”.
He said that he was confident that the measures put in place will achieve results and urged Ghanaians to continue in the spirit of unity and togetherness.
The President concluded that as a captain of the ship of state, he can assure that the signs of recovery will manifest in the latter part of this year for everyone to see.

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