Seven killed in Kenya 'terrorist' bus attack

Seven people have been killed after gunmen opened fire on a bus near the town of Witu, about 50 kilometres away from Kenya’s coastal town of Lamu.

The gunmen then attacked a police vehicle that had arrived at the scene. The bus was travelling from the city of Mombasa to Lamu, when the gunmen blocked its path with their car and opened fire.
Eight people are said to have been admitted to hospital, most of them with gunshot wounds.
The attack comes a day after Kenya’s military said its aircraft had bombed jungle bases used by Somali al-Shabab militants in the area.
A spokesman for al-Shabab, Abdulaziz Abu Musab, however, told Reuters that this was “propaganda”.
Friday’s attack, he said, was “in response to Kenya’s claim that it deployed more troops in the coast and thus tightened security”.
Nearly 100 people have been killed in violence on Kenya’s coast this summer and hundreds have fled coastal areas for fear of the attacks.
The attacks have damaged the local tourist industry, which attracts thousands of visitors during the summer months.
Source: BBC

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