Internal Affairs cautions gov't over public protests about economy

The Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA), an anti-corruption organisation, has urged President John Mahama to pay attention to agitations about the ill-health of the economy, which could escalate into national security threats.
A statement issued by Ms Cynthia Essandoh, Coordinator of BIA in Accra on Tuesday and copied to the Ghana News Agency said the industrial action by workers and the recent agitation of traders as well as the current fuel crisis are signs that Ghanaians are not happy about the economy.
It mentioned the strikes by Ghana Union of Traders Association, University Teachers Association of Ghana, Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana and petitions by Small Scale Rice Dealers Association for government to introduce friendly policies to traders, as examples.
BIA said the economic crisis has had a huge negative impact on national life and asked government to act in a timely manner to avert public protests which could escalate into national security threats.
The statement said called on the country’s leaders to help the poor by initiating pro-poor policies and other social interventions. The BIA said the economic crisis is affecting productivity, hence the need for requisite policies to reverse the situation.
BIA says it will continue to draw the attention of government to bad policies which do not serve the interest of Ghanaians.
If you have any genuine concerns contact BIA through: biainfogh@gmail.com or Facebook: Bureau For Internal Affairs.

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