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Kumasi Military Hospital to be completed in 36 months

Works on the Kumasi Military Hospital will be fast-tracked with a view to be completed in 36 months instead of the original 42 months, Deputy Defence Minister Ebenezer Okletey Terlarbi has said.
Mr Terlarbi said the contractor had been encouraged to reduce the original time frame for delivery of the project.
He said: “In the contract, the project is to be completed within 42 months. However, at last site meeting held on Wednesday, June 11th 2014, the contractor was encouraged to aim at executing an average of 4% of work per month”.
Answering a question from the floor at Parliament yesterday on when the Military Hospital project would commence, the Deputy Defence Minister said the contractor was already on site and had started work on May 1, 2014.
He added that settings for the administration block, OPD building, mortuary and the incinerator have been completed and that excavation and buildings for the listed buildings are about 60% complete.
When complete the Kumasi Military Hospital is expected to have a fully-equipped 500-bed facility with 154 units of residential staff housing and ancillary facilities at Afari lands.
He also assured members of the House that compensation of land owners have been worked out prior to contractors taking possession of the land.
The Minister further assured the MPs that the quality and cost of work would not compromised by the early deadline.
Source: Daily Heritage

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