Live Text Day 43: Addison focuses on duplicate serial numbers

On Day 42 of the hearing, counsel for the petitioners, Philip Addison sought to tender a 75-page list of irregularities under the P-series.
Tsatsu Tsikata has said he is tired of having to check several lists of pink sheets continually being served on them by the Petitioners in the Election Petition hearing.
The series deal with duplicate serial numbers which petitioners allege were used to prosecute massive fraud in the 2012 elections.
The Petitioners are set to cross-examine the star witness, Dr. Afari-Gyan on this list when hearing enters 43 days.
Proceedings Begin
The bench is ready to go and so is the Bar. The Bar introduces their team to the court. Afari Gyan is back in the dock.
There are opening remarks from Quarshie Idun who will not object to the list of duplicate serial numbers being tendered by the Petitioners.
Tsatsu Tsikata will not also object to the tendering but raises concerns as to the number of times they had to correct errors.
Philip Addison is “not ready with all these lectures”. He wants to go on with his cross-examination.
Addison hands a document to the witness to identify. He identifies it. Addison later tenders the document through the witness.
The list is tendered.
Another list is handed to Afari-Gyan to identify. He says it is the pairs of serial numbers appearing more than once. He also has five pairs of clipped pink sheets.
Addison asks him to compare the list of pink sheet with repeated serial numbers to the five pairs clipped and see if they are the same. Afari Gyan confirms.
Addison then asks him to mention the name of the polling station and code.
Polling station code 141004A polling station name, Chief Bello Islamic School Zenu A, Afari Gyan states.
Addison asks witness to mention the polling stations on two other pink sheets. He obliges.
Addison wants Afari Gyan to confirm if all three pink sheets have the same serial number. He says Yes. All three bares the same serial number which is 0025195.
Addison takes him through a second set and the same set of questions and finally asks him if he can confirm that the serial numbers are the same.
Afari Gyan confirms.
Addison goes into the fourth set; takes witness through the same process and asks him if there is a repeat of serial numbers.
Addison wants to tender the documents which the witness has confirmed were had duplicate serial numbers.
Afari Gyan wants to make an observation before the list is tendered. He says he must cross check with the original list of pink sheets in the custody of the EC before the document is tendered.
Addison says there is no need because the list has already been perused by the counsel.
Quarshie-Idun says the list was provided to them yesternight and so if the witness wants to cross check he is only being cautious.
The judges agree for the witness to cross-check with the original copies.
Addison goes on with the cross examination. He asks, Dr Afari Gyan you said two set of pink sheets were printed; How do you explain the triplicates?
Afari Gyan says logically there should be no triplicates. I cannot understand how there should be quadruplicates.
Addison: I suggest to you that you printed more than two sets. Afari Gyan says only two sets were printed.
Addison says the evidence in exhibit X shows that four sets of pink sheets were printed. Afari Gyan says only two sets were printed.
Addison suggests to witness he is misleading the court. I am not Afari Gyan insists.
Addison turns to a new set of list.
Quarshie Idun says that the list was given to them few minutes ago and they will have to be cross-checked before the witness is cross-examined on them.
One of the judges asks Addison if there are more of similar pink sheets. He says Yes. Court wants to know when those final list will be made available to the Respondents to check. Addison says he cannot tell for now.
One of the judges then calls for an early rise so that if the the court returns after lunch break Addison can now tell the court when his technical men will provide the list to the respondents.
Court goes on Recess.
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