Live Text, Day 29: Addison to continue cross-examination of Afari Gyan

Counsel for Petitioners Philip Addison is set to continue his cross examination of Dr Afari Gyan, star witness for the second Respondents in the ongoing Presidential Election Petition.
The cross examination which began yesterday had to be halted for the President of the Panel Justice William Atuguba to give new directions on how the audit of the pink sheets exhibits by KPMG will be conducted.
The continued cross-examination of Dr Afari Gyan is expected to be anything but friendly.
Proceedings continue;
The Panel of judges have taken their seats on the bench. The lawyers introduce their team to the bench as Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan walks into the dock to be cross-examined by Philip Addison. He is reminded of his oath.
Philip Addison is up. He asks the witness that if a chief is allowed to vote without being verified, as he explained yesterday where will it be recorded.
Dr Afari Gyan says it will be recorded to be among the people who have voted.
Addison asks if there is a place on the pink sheet where that information will be recorded. He hands him a pink sheet exhibit to tell the court exactly where that information will be recorded
Dr Afari Gyan takes it and says C1 will be the place where that information will be recorded.
Addison asks him what C1 says?
Dr Afari Gyan answers: what is the number of ballot issued to voters on the voters Register?
Addison suggests to witness that if a chief is not verified by the machine before voting that information will be entered in C3.
Dr Afari Gyan says No.
Addison asks witness to read what is the instruction in C3 and he says voters who were identified but not with the verification machine.
Addison says Omanhene was not verified by the BVD and so the information should be recorded in C3.
Afari Gyan says no. Addison moves on to daily prints and asks witness if it was the case that political parties were provided with daily print outs of registered voters.
Afari Gyan says to the extent possibl;e daily print outs were issued. Addison wants him to be clear on that. He says well if the machines develop faults at some point, it meant the print out for the day could not be given.
Addison pushes further by asking if it was then the case that print outs were not given daily to the parties. Afari Gyan says to the extent possible. Addison pushes further for clear answers.
Justice Atuguba intervenes. He accuses counsel of oppressing the witness. He says the bench has a duty to protect the witness from unfair question and they will not abandon that duty.
Addison says he does not doubt the power and duty of the bench. He continues by asking the witness if the EC provided the NPP with a provisional copy of the register. Dr Afari Gyan says: I don’t know if they got.
Addison suggests the NPP was not given a provisional register.
Afari Gyan says yes but adds no party was given the provisional register.
Addison asks if the provisional register was exhibited. Afari Gyan says yes.
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