ANAS' THREAT: My Side Of The Story – John Dumelo

Having come under heavy criticisms recently over his alleged marriage to US based actress and model, Harrina Alexander Dembele, handsome actor, John Dumelo is bracing himself for another expose´ about another woman and her three-months-old baby.
John Dumelo would have some explanation to do to convince the public against the generally credible word of ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas who has threatened to expose the versatile actor.
In a post on his Facebook wall which is making rounds on various social media platforms, Anas has indicated that he has completed his investigations and reached the conclusion that John Dumelo’s conduct was unfair.
Anas said he was considering releasing some “tapes” to back his claim, adding: “It is not fair to reap where you have not sown” and threatened to release every information he has in two weeks if the matter is not settled.
The post reads “Somebody should be whispering into John Dumelo’s ears that whereas it is fantastic idea to own a clothing line, it is not ideal to do that at the expense of a three month old baby and the mum. I may be forced to release some audio tapes on him on the saga. It is not fair to reap where you have not sown. If the matter is not put to rest in two weeks, I would release them for people to make their own judgment on the Australian issue”
But in an interview with Showbiz last Friday, John Dumelo who seemed not much perturbed by Anas’ claims questioned why people would want to dig into his private life and bring it to the public for discussion.
According to him, he has read the story and was at a loss why people would deliberately want to tarnish his reputation that he has built over the years.
He told Showbiz that he will officially comment on the matter next week for people to hear his side of the story and know the truth.
For John, he believes it is a ploy by some people to bring him down considering the success and fame he has chalked as an actor since his inception in the movie industry adding that “ this is just a pull him down attitude”.
“We all have our private lives as individuals so I don’t see why people would want to dig into mine. I can’t dismiss that some people are behind it but I will officially comment on it next week for everybody to know the truth. I am sure that even if I went to a shop and bought bottled water and forgot to pay, I will hit the headlines the next day and be branded a thief. All those who want the truth should wait patiently for next week”.
Source: Graphic Showbiz

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