NDC Communicator: Supreme Court Registrar Is A Criminal And Must Be Charged For Allowing 7 More Boxes

A member of the government communication team, Gabby Assumeng, has said the addition of 7 more boxes to the 24 existing ones containing the pink sheets should be blamed on the court registrar.
He said that with the instance where complains have been made of missing boxes from the registry, the NDC counsel told the registrar there is a criminal aspect as far as this case is concerned; adding that the Court registrar is responsible for the boxes at the registry and so any addition to the 24 boxes should be blamed on him.
Speaking on Okay FM, he alleged that when the Supreme Court gave a ruling that KPMG should audit the number of pink sheets at the Court Registry, the secretary to the Judicial Service, Mr. Opoku Agyemang did not agree to the idea that the security should protect the pink sheets because he (Opoku Agyemang) knew what he wanted to do.
“I am saying that, that criminal Court Registrar who allowed the chance should be blamed; it is established and I can say on authority based on what our lawyers have told us and based on what was said at the Supreme Court that the boxes were 24 but 7 boxes have been added and the Court Registrar who sat there and allowed whether a dwarf to add the 7 boxes is a criminal, he has to be charged. I am saying it and no apology whatsoever, he is a criminal,” he alleged.
According to him this is a serious case which must not entertain any discrepancy when the evidence at the court registry has been tampered with by unknown faces, whereas there is person responsible for the protection of the boxes.
He indicated that the NDC representatives withdrew their service to the counting of the pink sheets because the boxes were tampered with; stressing that their withdrawal has been given a bad impression that the NDC is running away from the auditing.
He stated that this addition of boxes at the custody of the court registry should not be treated with kid gloves as this case if not treated well can make or break the peace and tranquility of the country.
Source: Peacefmonline

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