I Am Not Aware of Any Taken Inventory of Pink Sheet Boxes – Gloria Akuffo

Counsel for the petitioners, Gloria Akuffo has denied knowledge of any inventory of the boxes of pink sheets in the ongoing election petition.
Madam Gloria Akuffo, reacting to the revelations by the representatives of the parties involved in the election case and KPMG, an auditing firm, concerning the head count of the boxes containing the pink sheets used as evidence by the petitioners, told Radio Gold on Tuesday that she wasn’t “aware that any inventory was taken, otherwise the numbers would have been brought to us…No number was brought to us as number of boxes. I was under the impression that the groups including all the representatives went to the location and visually were shown where the boxes were being stored. I’m not aware that any counting took place.”
She explained the circumstances that led to the increment in the number of boxes at the Registry of the Supreme Court, saying pursuant to an inspection of the boxes last Thursday, a representative for the respondents brought to the attention of those present that there was a missing box, which was later found in the strong room where the boxes were kept following the court order.
Later on, another person lodged a complaint about another missing boxe which called for a search “but when they went back, what they said was missing was actually with them in the room and they couldn’t find it because of the place.”
They continued with work until one of the representatives for the respondents took leave of his table, which slowed down the process.
“Subsequently, lawyers for the respondents stormed the place. Of course, they were asked to leave because it was not part of the arrangement and this was done by the KPMG inspector,” she further narrated.
After the count, the number of the boxes was found to have increased which was brought to the attention of the Judicial Secretary, leading to the suspension of the process.
“The respondents’ representative refused to go on and upon bringing it to the attention to the Deputy Judicial Secretary, the Deputy Judicial Secretary then asked that the work should come to an end.”
Though to her, her side is “prepared, able and available to continue…” with the audit, she however sought answers to these questions; “What was the number of the boxes that they claim had now increased? What was it to start with? And how many boxes have been added? And how did the increase occur when everything was being done in the presence of all the representatives?”
Source: Peacefmonline

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