Election Petition: Tsatsu Tsikata cross examines Dr Bawumia (Live Updates)

15:45 – “As a mere lawyer, on the face of the pink sheet, i am not able to tell which polling station this is,” says Tsatsu Tsikata

Dr Bawumia retorts and says “As a mere economist, i am also not able to tell which polling station it is “

15:35 – Questioning about voting without biometric verification takes centre stage currently. Tsatsu Tsikata insists that polling agents of the petitioners were present and could have raised objection to persons voting without biometric verification. 

Dr Bawumia however disagrees. 

15:15 – A bit of light humour in court as Tony Lithur’s arithmetic credentials are called into question. Tsatsu Tsikata however “unreservedly” withdraws his comments. 

Cross examination continues at the Supreme Court.

15:04 – Tsatsu Tsikata insists that Dr Bawumia answers his questions because he does not feel he is doing so currently. 

14:40 – Tsatsu Tsikata is insisting that the polling agents of the petitioners whose signatures are on the pink sheets, represents an approval of what transpired at the polling stations. 

He tells Dr Bawumia that since the polling agents were equipped with mobile phones, they could have communicated sighting any anomalies at the polling stations. 

Dr Bawumia however insists that the polling agents simply signed to attest what happened at the polling station and could not say what sort of anomalies had gone on there.

14:00 – Hearing of the election petition resumes and Tsatsu Tsikata continues cross examining Dr Bawumia. 

12:30 – Court is on short recess. Hearing to resume soon. 

12:15 – As cross examination of Dr Bawumia continues, Tsatsu Tsikata is seeking to put across the fact that the petitioners have misunderstood the meaning of the data represented on the pink sheets. 

11:54 – Objection sustained! – Justice Atuguba. 

11:50 – Judges confer on Philip Addison’s objection to the line of questioning of Tsatsu Tsikata. 

11:45 – “My Lord this is a frivolous objection.” Tsatsu Tsikata tells Philip Addison as he rises to object to the line of questioning adopted by the former. 

11:40 – “I see you like the pink sheets. Sometimes, sorry that i call you Dr Pink Sheets” – Tsatsu Tsikata tells Dr Bawumia. 

11:23 – “Dr Bawumia, i would suggest that when you are making reference to legal opinion, you are careful because you are not an expert” – Tsatsu Tsikata tells Dr Bawumia 

11:14 – Philip Addison rises to the object to the cross examination by Tsatsu Tsikata of Dr Bawumia because they have a common affidavit. 

11:13 – Lawyer Quarshie Idun brings his cross examination to a close.

11:12 – Lawyer Quarshie Idun – “Your petition is without merit”
Dr Bawumia – “I disagree my Lords 

11:10 – Lawyer Idun says per the catogories under which the petitioners are claiming there have been some malpractices, there were no instances of malpractices by the second respondent.

10:45 – Lawyer Quarshie Idun questions Dr Bawumia about possible duplications in the further and better particulars submitted by the petitioners.

10:35 – Philip Addison comments on the debate saying the petitioners are to file affidavits and attach the right exhibits they intend to rely on.10:20 – Debate continues on the document Lawyer Quarshie sought to tender.

10:05 – There is some debate in the court over the document Lawyer Quarshie Idun intended to tender into evidence. 

10:02 – Quarshie Idun says the objection raised by Philip Addison is without foundation. 

He says the documents are to prove that two of the allegations leveled against the petitioners were wrong. 

09:58 – Lawyer Philip raises objection to the tendering of one of the documents, collation form for Atebubu Amanten, into evidence. 

He says the document is supposed to be an original document and thus all writing should be in blue in. 

However, he says part of the second page is written in carbon ink and part in blue. 

Petitioners are questioning the authenticity of the document and Philip Addison says the authenticity of the “document is quite doubtful.”

09:52 – Justice Atuguba comments: “If you want to enter many documents prepare a chart of them so we will not breach ‘any CIA breaching rules’. Prepare your own charts… This is for all parties”. 

He made the note some few minutes after lawyers for the petitioners started scrutinising the documents Quarshie Idun sought to tender. 

09:45 – Cross examination begins with Lawyer Quarshie Idun seeking to tender into evidence some documents he was refused permission last week. 

The cross examination of New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) 2012 Vice Presidential candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia by lawyers of the second respondent in the on-going election petition case before the Supreme Court, will continue on Monday. 

Lawyer James Quarshie Idun will seek to discredit Dr. Bawumia’s affidavit which gives an account of electoral malpractice and irregularities in the December 2012 elections. 

Speaking to Citi News ahead of the cross examination, one of the spokespersons for the petitioners, Yaw Buabeng Asamoah said the impressive delivery of Dr. Bawumia gave them confidence that the petitioners will win the case.

“I am very confident that the nature of this petition and the approach the court has adopted will lead it to the qualitative and quantitative approach… We (petitioners) have enough evidence worth evaluating and when that evaluation is done, it will definitely impact the results.”

Meanwhile, the Gambanga Police Command has launched investigations into allegations that one of the presiding officers in the Northern Region attempted to criminally sign an affidavit to among other things, authenticate the nullification of electoral records on some
pink sheets regarding the 2012 elections. 

The presiding officer of Nanyeri polling station, Evans Iddrisu allegedly attempted perpetrating the electoral fraud on the orders of the District Electoral Officer for Nalerigu Gambaga, Bismark Nteh.

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