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EC struggled during election 2012 – EC Official

The country’s Electoral Commission has admitted that a number of flaws contributed to the challenges it experienced in organizing last year’s elections.

According to the Commission, Court cases against it over the creation of new constituencies and the procurement of election equipment played an active role in the problems.

Speaking at the opening of a two day workshop on the 2012 elections organized by the Coalition of Domestic Observers (CODEO) at Sogakofe in the Volta Region, Director of Finance of the EC, Yorke Aidoo explained that the Commission was put under undue pressure ahead of the elections.

“A number of verification devices suffered setbacks due to stubbornness on the part of operatives. They were instructed to change the batteries at 11 am” he said.

According to him, because they didn’t change the battery a lot of the machines were not functioning.

Meanwhile, the National Chairman of the PNC, Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan has asked CODEO to be part of IPAC meetings in a bid to ensure transparency in the country’s electoral system.

“CODEO must listen to the rules that we set for ourselves. Listen to the do’s and don’ts that we said should be taken care of during elections so that when they go round to monitor, and they see those things not being observed, they will not sound like the foreign observers” he added.

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