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'EC, Political Leadership Must Confess Anomalies Associated With 2012 Polls'

The Electoral Commission and political leader have been encouraged to confess all the anomalies associated with the 2012 elections in order to redeem the nation.
“Ghana is in a crisis in all sectors, and it is only confession, which will redeem the nation,” a 78-year old former Religious Secretary of the PNDC, Prophet I.K. Obeng, told the Daily Graphic in an interview.
Sharing a message of hope, Prophet Obeng, popularly called “Tugya”, said from the Electoral Commissioner, Dr Afari Gyan, right down to the political leadership in the country must confess what went wrong during the 2012 polls so that the country could be redeemed from its current predicament.
“It is only confession, and not prayers, that will make the merciful God have mercy on the nation,” he declared.
Prophet Obeng was the PNDC Religious Secretary from 1982-1985.
In his view, the concerned senior citizen said Ghana was at the crossroads and the President, John Dramani Mahama, should know the repercussions on the society and confess as well.
He said the President’s demand on the religious leaders to pray for the nation as well as plans to send 200 pastors on a pilgrimage to Israel would amount to nothing if what he called “true confession” was not made.
Prophet Obeng said that the election petition before the Supreme Court was a test case for the nation and, therefore, charged the respected Supreme Court judges to dispense justice without fear or favour, boldly and fairly.
He said that the judges, like God in heaven, had the power and authority to dispense justice in the interest of fairness and the common good.
“Through their actions and inaction, the Supreme Court judges also possess the power to throw the whole nation into chaos and confusion if they dispense justice wrongly and unfairly,” Prophet Obeng pointed out, and added, “In all they do, they should remember that God is on their side and they must work in the interest of the common good of mankind, posterity and absolute fairness.”
For now, according to Prophet Obeng, the nation should wait patiently for the court’s ruling and desist from acts which would disrupt the hard-earned peaceful credentials attained by the nation.
He predicted a nation of prosperity and reconcilation saying “God’s hands are on the nation and we must all endeavour not to allow it to be divided.”
Story by Kofi Yeboah
Source: Daily Graphic

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