Samuel Awuku Says His Life Is In Danger

A member of the Communications team of the New Patriotic Party, Samuel Awuku has revealed to Citi News that he fears his life is in danger.

According to him, “last night around midnight I was told that some men on motorbike and a black Toyota pickup, all unregistered, stormed my residence demanding my whereabouts. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t home in the ensuing exchange of words between the security at my end and the men on the bike. I think some residents started asking and shouting the people bolted.

The New Patriotic Party member however indicated that, “they came back this morning demanding my whereabouts and warning that, in their words ‘if they don’t get that pest in their web, that nonsense of court, they will deal with all of us one by one’.”

Samuel Awuku said in his opinion he found the attacks “very primitive and backward… I believe that the only way to address our concerns as a political party is through the law court. And I think the NPP took that bold decision not to resort to political violence but to resort to the law court. And I think that for sympathisers, agents to be engaging in this act of intimidation is very backward and very unhelpful for our democracy.”

In his opinion, the government was doing everything desperately to try to indict of the opposition party because “we still remain resolute and believe that if the government has got nothing to hide let’s all go to the law court. Of course if the NPP goes to the law court and the law rules us out we believe that we have pursued it to its legal and logical conclusion but when you use acts of intimidation to raid our offices intimidate political opponents to fabricate stories about it leaders and political party it obviously isn’t going to help.”

He indicated that though he was going to lay a complaint at the Police Headquarters, the party we had “taken intelligence that some group of foreign nationals have been camped around Adenta and then trying to paint the picture as if Nana Addo and the NPP has brought in some rebels from Cote D’Ivoire to cause mayhem.”
Source: Citifmonline

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