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Political parties to face ICC if they compromise Ghana’s peace

A Nongovernmental Organisation, Planet Three Peace Programme (P3PP) has warned all political parties contesting the December 7 general election to desist from violent acts or face prosecution for “crimes against humanity”.
According to the group, as part of their contribution towards reducing impunity and ensuring justice, they would be compiling both written and video evidence in the various flashpoints across the country to aid prosecution of the political party found culpable at the International Criminal Court(ICC).
Planet Three Peace Programme revealed this at a press conference in Accra Tuesday.
Executive Director of P3PP, Mohammed Affum said without peace, there will be constant injustice in the society and thus political parties bear the moral responsibility for any acts of violence that will occur on the Election Day.
He indicated that they are closely monitoring key political actors whose actions will trigger violence and ensure they all prosecuted.
Mr Affum stated that apart from the political parties, policemen, soldiers and their commanders who will fail to act to keep the peace and protect the ballot and journalists, radio and television stations which will publish or broadcast news intended to incite party supporters to acts of violence will be equally liable for prosecution.
The P3PP Executive Director underscored the need for humanity to constantly be principled and uphold values and dignity and resolve to dialogue in solving misunderstandings that can ultimately bring peace and development.
He also entreated politicians to abide by the Kumasi Declaration and have constructive dialogue with each other to develop confidence amongst Ghanaians.
“Our conviction is that the Kumasi Declaration will remain relevant during these troubling times but nevertheless, we are optimistic and trust in the innate capacity of Ghanaians to ride over these storms” he added.
Mohammed Affum said his organization’s vision and mission stands firmly for the promotion and protection of human rights irrespective of ones colour, class, gender, ethnicity or religious background hence will ensure the rights of Ghanaians is not abused.

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