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Volunteers For Mahama ‘Swim’ In State Cash

President John Mahama led-government was only a couple of weeks ago fighting tooth and nail in order to downplay a report which indicated the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of abuse of incumbency, but The New Crusading Guide has in its possession, incontrovertible documents to show that Volunteers For Mahama (VFM) -an elite campaign wing of the party are being sponsored by state institutions.
Contrary to the provisions of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), which is mandated to encourage, promote and facilitate investment in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy, have doled out GHC4, 000. 00 to VFM which is notoriously known for driving SUVs in town, as their contribution towards “getting President Mahama elected as President in 2012 general election”.
Coincidentally, the Chief Executive of GIPC, George Aboagye is the NDC Parliamentary candidate for the Ahanta West Constituency in the Western Region.
Mr Aboagye was in 2009, appointed as Chief Executive of the Center.
An Ecobank cheque for the sum of Four Thousand Ghana Cedis was issued by the GIPC in the name of Volunteers For Mahama on 15th November, 2012.
However, in an exclusive interview, the National Coordinator of VFM, Mawutor Agbavitor, told this paper that although the group was soliciting funds to organize a dinner dance, they did not get funds from any state institution.
“We don’t even have an account so they could not have put any money into it.”
He could not clearly remember whether he ever wrote a letter to GIPC for sponsorship.
A report released jointly by three civil society groups; the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), the Center for Democratic Development-Ghana (CDD) and the Ghana Anti- Corruption Coalition indicted President John Mahama and other officials of the NDC for various abuse of incumbency.
That indictment did not sit well with the government so John Jinapor, the spokesperson for the President was heard loud on various media outlets saying “President Mahama has tried as much as he can do to do this campaign devoid of abuse of incumbency”.
Information available to this paper indicates that, the VFM has written over 50 letters to various state institutions appealing for financial support. The response we hear, has been very favorable as some have given as much as GHC100, 000.00.
One of such letters dated 12th November, 2012 from VFM was sent to the GIPC under the heading APPEAL FOR SPONSORSHIP.
The letter was signed by Mawutor Agbativor, National Coordinator of VFM.
Source: The New Crusading Guide

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