Top 5 penis facts you need to know

We know where it is and what it does, but any more than that and we’re stumped…
As a result of not being born with a penis, most women (us included) don’t really know much bout them other than what they’re for, where they are and what happens to them when he gets a little bit too excited.
But there are loads of important, interesting and downright weird penis facts that we’ve learned recently which we thought we would share with you.
Because, you know, who doesn’t want to know a few penis facts?

1. Yes, penises can break: Penile Rupture is the horribly scary name given when men ‘snap’ their penises, normally during vigorous sex. It’s not something that heals on its own, so your man will need to see a doctor. In fairness, he’ll be in agonising pain so he will probably be begging you to take him to A&E!
2. No erection could mean a dodgy heart: Sometimes if a man can’t get it up it’s a sign of heart health issues, so if the problem persists it’s better to pop to the doctors and get a check-up.
3. Erections can occur at random: Because his tackle is controlled by the nervous system he can just randomly get an erection in the most inconvenient place possible. Usually, men are hard when they wake up because of impulses travelling around the brain during sleep, not because he sneaked a look at Fifty Shades the night before!
4. Men don’t need to use their brains to climax: No seriously, his orgasms actually start in his spine and you’ll notice his muscles contract in his back and pelvis right before he comes. Orgasms and ejaculation are completely separate functions in men, so he can come without necessarily needing to ejaculate.
5. The 6% men: Only 6% of the male population need extra large condoms because the average size is just 3-4 inches when flaccid and 5-6 inches when erect. Plus, the shoe size theory is a complete myth, so don’t assume you can measure him up by looking at his patent leathers.

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