Mario Balotelli wants City exit.

In an epic piece of stirring, Evra has lent credence to rumours Balotelli is a transfer target for AC Milan after falling out of favour with City manager Roberto Mancini.
Evra, who began his professional career in Italy, is friends with Balotelli and believes the 22-year-old is ready to return home.
“Mario really misses Italy,” he said.
“I don’t know if he will stay in Manchester, because he wants to return to his country. I am not his agent – I am only telling you how he feels.
“He is my rival in Manchester – I meet him a lot, I know him well. Off the pitch, we joke around and I take the mickey out of him.”
Meanwhile, a misquoting of City’s defensive coach has got this morning’s Daily Mirror excited.
Angelo Gregucci said: “Will he stay? It’s not up to me to say. I just know that he is definitely sellable. He has 22 years of talent and quality.”
The Mirror interpret “definitely sellable” as “definitely available”. Paper Round’s reading of the quote is that Gregucci only means that there would definitely be takers for him if he became available.

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