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Mahama's campaign team reacts to Otabil's 'evil' comment

The John Mahama 2012 Campaign has noted the issues raised in a statement to the media by Dr. Mensah Otabil, the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church earlier today.
We would wish to respectfully draw the esteemed Religious Leader’s attention to the fact that in the same way as it would be difficult to hold him responsible for the expressed opinion’s or moral actions of even his Pastors and other officials of the ICGC (not to mention the extended membership of his church across the length and breadth of our country and other locations where the ICGC may have congregations), it is equally difficult and actually an over-simplification to try to hold the President directly responsible, or ask him to call to order, any individual or group of individual’s who may or may not have sympathies with the NDC and who are making information that is easily accessible available in the public domain.
The John Mahama 2012 campaign, like some other members of the public, are aware that Dr. Mensa Otabil’s past sermons are available in the public domain and further that some of these sermons are commercially available for sale. We do not see anything wrong with that because we believe that the teachings of Religious Leader’s like Dr. Mensa Otabil are inspirational and provide listener’s with a clear understanding of the principles and values of the Christian faith. We are also of the view that by taking the words of the Bible and making them relevant in the context of our present day experiences, Dr. Otabil brings the key tenets of the Christian faith to life within the circumstances of our times. We believe that the words of the Bible are timeless and eternal, and commentary based on these principles also are as timeless as the concepts they seek to explain. To the extent that any of Dr. Otabil’s statements in the public domain are indeed statements that have been previously made by him, and are available in the public domain we fail to see how quoting statements that one would assume were statements of principle, have suddenly become the work of evil people who are surrogates and affiliates of the NDC.
The John Mahama 2012 campaign wishes to assure Dr. Mensa Otabil that we hold him in high esteem, and have the greatest of respect for his work in bringing the word of God to his flock and to the public as a whole and wish both him and his Ministry all of God’s blessings both now and in the future. We also are equally respectful of the work of all of our religious leaders in the Christian community, especially as regards the light they shed on our path by teaching and explaining the word of God.
We call on the many supporters of the NDC in Ghana and across the world to ensure that in all discussions and contributions on matters of national debate their contributions are factual. We believe this to be of essential importance in ensuring that the people of Ghana are made aware of the choices and options confronting them in this election, so that together we advance the peace and progress of our nation.
Hanna S. Tetteh
Director of Communications
John Mahama 2012 Campaign

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