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Melcom Tragedy: Israeli Emergency Assistance Arrives Today

Following the collapse of the Melcom multi-stores building in Achimota on Wednesday, an Israeli plane is on its way to Ghana with an equipped team of disaster management experts and doctors to assist with efforts to rescue the trapped under the rubble building.
The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Bar-li made this offer on Wednesday.
The Israeli team will consist of disaster management experts, medical doctors with trauma expertise and rescue specialists. The equipment would include emergency medical equipment, rescue and monitoring equipment.
Israel is considered a country that swiftly and efficiently reacts in situations of disaster management around the world. With nearly 30 years of experience, the Israeli Rescue teams have saved lives in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Chile, Kenya , India, Thailand, Haiti and most recently Japan.
The Israeli Embassy has opened an emergency center to coordinate the rescue efforts that will be operating around the clock, personally managed by Ambassador Bar-li who will coordinate the Israeli team’s efforts with the local rescue forces

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