Have Heard This: Becca Disowned By Father

One of Ghana’s talented female singers, Becca has been disowned by her biological father with regards to her decision of getting married to Kiki Banson, her manager.
Speaking to Mr. Acheampong, Becca’s father in a phone interview last Monday, he said because of Becca’s intention to marry Kiki, he has changed his will and taken Becca’s name out of it.
“Becca is no more my child and she can do whatever she pleases with her life. She is of no importance to me anymore. She is grown so if she thinks Kiki is the one she really wants to marry, she can go ahead and marry him. I have already disowned her. I don’t care if the mother supports her or not. Looking at my health condition now, I wouldn’t want to do anything that will affect me and the rest of the family.
Everything I gave her has been taken back. She is no more my child and will never be my child, not even when I’m dead,” he vehemently said.
According to Mr. Acheampong, Becca was brought to him at the age of 1 year 8 months and so after taking care of her for all these years, Kiki Banson thinks he can come for her just like that then she can do whatever she pleases.
“Kiki Banson is a criminal and a very wicked man. He went for my daughter at the age of 17 to 18 years and signed a 10 year contract with the child without consulting even the parents or any member of the family, claiming Becca was 18 years and so she could decide and choose to do anything she liked. It was a lawyer who revealed this to me later.
You know I don’t want to go into details because there’s more to this issue than one may see it. Like I said, if Becca thinks Kiki is the best man for her, she can go ahead and marry him. I don’t have patience at all and so if I don’t take care this issue will go very far and perhaps wouldn’t like the results. I don’t know where they are now and I don’t care.”
He further noted that the family knows why they are not in agreement with that marriage and since he is the father he can decide as to who gets married to his daughter.
“The unfortunate thing is that my present situation has given Kiki the room to brag. Becca has two mothers. Her situation is just as that of the Italian and Ghanaian footballer Mario Ballotelli but I even think the guy’s case is even better than that of Becca. Call her; she can explain why she has two mothers. She thinks she is so powerful a star and now feels ok. Fine! Before tomorrow morning, I’m going to throw out her things out of my factor” he said.
In addition, he disclosed he has 10 children and they are all well brought up and educated. He said Kiki wants to be popular by getting married to Becca but as long as he lives as a father he ‘lies bad’, it will be over his dead body.“Ask Kiki why he is not calling Becca’s biological mother? If you want to marry a lady and the parents don’t support the marriage, why don’t you back off- so which of the mother’s is in support of the marriage? I heard he has a brother at Peace FM and so if he can contact his brother so that they can promote the marriage, they should go ahead and do that…hahaha. I have my daughter and I said ‘no’ but if he insists, he should go ahead. We all live to see” he said, laughing.
Mr. Acheampong added eh named Becca after his mother because among all his children, she was the one that she loved so much. “I have a very nice family but Becca should not and cannot stand anywhere to say I’m her father. I have disowned her for good. As for Kiki, he can never marry that girl, that will be over my dead body and even when I’m dead he can’t. Ask Kiki whether Becca did not attend the engagement of his ex wife?” Becca’s father
“Becca was there when he was getting married to that woman and this is against my tradition as a man from the Ashanti tribe. What does Becca want to achieve or tell that woman? Issues with regards to Kiki’s former marriage are very dirty. I just don’t want to go into it. Kiki Banson is not fit for my family; he doesn’t deserve my family at all. If not for my health, I wouldn’t have tolerated such nonsense from Kiki at all” he added.
Mr. Acheampong revealed that he nearly fainted the first day he heard Kiki has seen his daughter’s nakedness. “I would have appreciated anybody, even the mad man on the street to see her nakedness but for Kiki to do, ooh my God, Becca is a disgrace to my family.
This has brought humiliation and shame to my family. You know what, it won’t be long, and you will know or perhaps understand why I am talking like this. They can bring dignitaries from the whole world, I will never agree to that marriage.
My family and the rest of my children really understand me. You took my child and spoilt the child; Becca was not born to be a musician. How much or what at all will Becca gain or earn from music? Yes I sing but Becca was not born to be a musician. We all live to see, let’s pray for strength” he said.
Flex newspaper’s efforts to reach Becca, Kiki or any of her management team proved abortive but we promise to follow the story and bring to you our cherished readers all developments concerning this particular story.
Source: Flex Newspaper

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