Big Joe Frazier Returns: Assures more consistent flow after the release of “After Church” Shares a touching broken heart story

Big Joe Frazier has assured music lovers of releasing music consistently after going on a hiatus for some years.

The legendary Ghanaian musician opened up on his broken heart story that happened to him a decade ago.

The rhythmic Ghanaian rapper speaking on Onua TV with Captain Smart said he would not even wish the experience of a broken heart to enemies.

He stressed that not even the most wicked of people can handle a broken heart without an effect because of the severe emotional experience.

According to him, the lady he had dated for some years eventually disappointed him on his birthday.

He narrated that on his birthday he gave money to his girlfriend to go to the market buy ingredients to cook for him at home but lady did not return on the day and gave out a flimsy excuse.

Joe Frazier said he later learnt that his girlfriend actually went to sleep with another man on that day of his birthday. He noted that it took quite a long time for him to recover from the broken heart he suffered.

The finest Ghanaian rhythmist Joe Frazier has recently released a new single “After Church” featuring King Paluta.

The Fati hitmaker has assured his strong fanbase and lovers of his musician a consistent releases after going on hiatus for some years.

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