Hubby Finds His Wife In A Room With Another Man, Wife Tells Hubby She Was Advertising Her Blankets Business

Mr. and Mrs. Mulolo has taken over social media for two straight days like Yo Maps single “confirmation.”

The adulterous milly beauty customer Mrs. Mulolo has left many men wondering why Neo Zambia decided to betray men and sung a song which victimized men yet men were purely innocent like toddlers.

A day that started well for Mr Mulolo eventually took a sadden turn after he decided to follow his wife who had earlier told him that she was going for private prayers at a nearby Church.

With his not so clever instincts, Mr Mulolo decided to follow her Car with a Yango on a distance to see if really she was going for prayers. With Lusaka traffic and the Yango driver driving on 60km/1, made Mr. Mulolo arrive late to stop any suspicious prayers his wife was engaged in.

Despite reaching the Lodge late, the busybody husband managed to get a glimpse of his wife coming out of a prohibited area “Room 18” with a tall, quiet and shy married man.

Without hesitation Mr. Mulolo with skills learnt from ba Chitambala who spends 24/7 busy filming Marketeers and Junkies at City Market got his phone and started filming the adulterous couple as they came out of the prohibited Room.

The confused Mulolo couldn’t hold his joy but to greet the man who was earlier anointing his wife and doing backsummers with on her. The shy, tall married man majestically walked to his Black Mercedes Benz couldn’t even respond back to an innocent “ how are you” like he was getting late for a job interview.

Mrs. Mulolo without shame and fear equally walked to her Car as if nothing happened to the amuse of many.

With his phone low battery Mr Mulolo’s live video ended after capturing the CD’s that were used the unfortunate event.

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