Ahanta: 6 persons arrested for allegedly burning 60-year-old man to ‘d3f’

According to a report filed by Kessben FM’s Ahanta Agudzi, the Ahanta West Municipal Police Command in the Western Region has detained six people for allegedly setting a 60-year-old man named Isaac Ansah on fire in the Achonwa neighbourhood.

The terrible incident that happened on Thursday, June 27, 2024, was a result of a mob’s reaction to accusations made by a local Achonwa village fetish priest.

The priest had told the village elders that there was a story that Isaac Ansah had given him the names of fourteen people in the community to be sacrificed.

After his body was brought to the mortuary for an examination, Isaac Ansah, 60, was able to go to rest in peace, and his family is hoping this will happen soon.


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