“Unlocking Africa’s Potential: Embracing Investment, Innovation, and Inclusivity”

At the International Africa Development Forum 2024, His Excellency Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General of the AfCFTA Secretariat, called on African nations to harness their collective potential and drive economic transformation. Held in Casablanca, Morocco, the forum brought together leaders from across the continent to discuss investment, innovation, and inclusivity.

Mene emphasized the importance of investment in developing infrastructure, logistics, and value chains, aligning with the AfCFTA’s goal of market integration. He highlighted the potential of African value chains, industrialization, and regional value chain enhancement. The AfCFTA aims to increase intra-African trade by 52% by 2025, creating millions of jobs and significantly boosting the continent’s GDP.

The Secretary-General championed inclusivity, empowering women and youth through initiatives like the AfCFTA Conference on Women in Trade and the AfCFTA Youth Symposium. He emphasized the significance of digital trade, recognizing the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the AU’s Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.

Mene encouraged Africa to trust itself, harness its potential, and work together towards a sustainable future. He emphasized entrepreneurship, innovation, and cooperation to drive Africa’s economic transformation. The AfCFTA Secretariat is committed to meaningful cooperation and encourages all to leverage this forum for productive dialogue, collaboration, and strategy development.

In conclusion, Mene reiterated the importance of South-South cooperation in achieving Agenda 2063 goals and AfCFTA objectives. With collective effort, Africa can unlock its potential and become a hub of innovation, prosperity, and sustainable development.

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