Gabriel Appiah’s Empowerment Journey: Transforming Education in Ghana

In a remarkable display of commitment to education, Gabriel Appiah, a Master’s student at Cape Coast University and aspirant for NUGS Secretary for Education, has donated a brand-new Dell desktop computer worth GHc8,000 to the winning school of the maiden edition of the NUGS quiz competition. This gesture is part of his broader efforts to empower learners across Ghana.

*NUGS Quiz Competition: A Step in the Right Direction*

The NUGS quiz competition, an initiative of Asare Bediako, incumbent NUGS Secretary for Education, aims to promote intellectual development among basic school students. Gabriel Appiah commended the current NUGS administration for organizing this impactful program, which aligns with his vision for an effective and all-inclusive education.

*Investing in Ghana’s Education*

Gabriel Appiah has visited numerous schools across the country, witnessing firsthand the dedication of teachers and students striving for a better future. He believes in investing in Ghana’s education and has donated bags of cement to support the construction of a new classroom unit-block in the Bitim-Chinderi community, Krachi Nchumuru district, Oti region.

*Advocating for Resources and Initiatives*

Gabriel Appiah is committed to advocating for resources and initiatives that improve the educational landscape in Ghana. He acknowledges education as a critical institution in socio-political and economic development, transforming minds and human resources into significant social, political, and economic capital.

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