“Celebrate Father’s Day by making a difference! Adopt a child, share your wisdom, and shape the future! -Former CPP National Youth Organizer

Osei Kofi Acquah the former National Youth Organizer for the CPP writes…..

Happy Father’s Day to all men around the world. It is not easy to be a member of this gender but we soldier on everyday.

We are the hardworking, most depended on, we are expected to be magicians fixing whatever our parents want, whatever our junior siblings want, whatever our wives and girlfriends want, whatever our children wants, and even somethings members of our extended families and country men want but some how some way we mange through.

It is a tough job being a father and it is meant for people who are tough in thought and heart.

This year I want to propose what I called The ADOPT A CHILD POLICY.

By this what I mean is all the well to do or the men who God has bless should adopt a struggling young person (s) with good prospects and potential, either in your family, your community, your hometown, your place of work etc and assist them in anyway you can.

As a master carpenter, a master car mechanic, a master blacksmith, A school teacher, a farmer, a Doctor whatever profession that you are in, today is the the day you take the decision to adopt that boy who roams about aimlessly in your area, that boy or girl in your family, church, community, hometown etc whose father or mother cannot afford their dreams.

You don’t necessarily have to bring them to live under the same roof with you, all the need is to be put on the path of acceptable path to self reliance and be guided.

Some of them may not necessary need financial assistance but a role model, a mentor, a friend to guide him or her on the path to success.

Let us lend that helping hand. Let us lend that support, let’s try to be available for the younger generation.

We should tell our tales to inspire them and we should teach them how we were able to get this far.

Let us do it not for today but for the future, let us not do it for them but for the betterment of our country, let us not expect a reward in return but an applause from Humanity.

For I proclaim today that growing tress to Green Ghana, and the attempt to stop Galamsey will be a wasted effort if an alternative livelihood is not created from Today.

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