Mugabe Maase Apologizes for False Allegations Against Hon. Ashie Moore

Mugabe Maase, a broadcast journalist and host of Insight Politics on Power 97.9 FM and TV XYZ, recently made false allegations against Hon. Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC. During an episode of Insight Politics show, Maase accused Moore of secretly accepting T-shirts and a significant amount of money from Arise Ghana. Rex Omar is a leading member of the Arise Ghana pressure group. This claim was made despite attempts by the NDC’s Deputy National Communications Officer, Ako Gun, who advised Maase to be cautious with his words to avoid further confusion within the Greater Accra Regional Executives, especially in light of Anthony Nukpenu’s pronouncement.

Mugabe Maase alleged that Rex Omar had disclosed the T-shirts and money issues to him during a private conversation. However, days later, Rex Omar appeared on the Insight Politics show to refute these claims. Omar stated unequivocally that he had never given any T-shirts or money to Hon. Ashie Moore and had no business or conversation with him. He urged viewers to disregard the false allegations made by Maase.

Following Rex Omar’s clarification, Mugabe Maase publicly apologized to Hon. Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, admitting that his statements were unfounded. “All that I said about Hon. Ashie Moore is false and I retract them,” Maase stated. He pleaded for Moore’s forgiveness, emphasizing the need for unity and victory within the NDC. This apology aims to mend any rifts and ensure a cohesive front for the party moving forward.

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