Pep Guardiola reveals whether he’ll ever return as Barcelona manager

Pep Guardiola has ruled out ever returning to Barcelona for a second stint as manager.

The current Manchester City boss made his name in management during his four-year spell at Camp Nou between 2008 and 2012, winning three La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues before going on to enjoy similar success with both Bayern Munich and the reigning Premier League champions.

When asked whether he could head back to Camp Nou for another managerial shift, Guardiola told the media: “The door to training Barca again is closed. I’m too old.”

Guardiola also went on to show sympathy towards Xavi, who was relieved of his duties this summer after a tumultuous tenure which even led to accusations that Guardiola’s entourage were too criticial of Xavi behind the scenes.

“I wish Xavi the best,” Guardiola said. “What is certain is that it is not my fault. I have been away from Barca for 12 years. I am not suspected of anything in this regard.”

Xavi Hernandez

Xavi left Barcelona after a chaotic campaign / Fran Santiago/GettyImages

“I have lived it since Manchester,” Guardiola added when asked about the extra pressure Xavi blamed for his initial decision to step down. “It’s one of the most complicated jobs.

“The scrutiny is daily. Here everything is debated and you have to manage many things.”

Finally, Guardiola called for “patience” from Barcelona’s fans towards new boss Hansi Flick, whose success with Bayern should be enough to excite supporters.

“What he did at Bayern was extraordinary,” Guardiola said of the new manager. “He won it all and how they played…

“He has international experience with the national team as well. Let them help him. Full support for him and step by step.”

Source; 90mins

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