Producers had to pound fufu for Agya Koo in his House during his Hay Days – Frank Gharbin Reveals

Frank Fiifi Gharbin, one of the finest directors in the Ghana Movie Industry especially among the Kumawood fraternity has made some shocking revelations about Agya Koo during his prime.

In the voice of Frank Fiifi Gharbin during a chit-chat with Ruthy of SeanCity TV fame, most Kumawood producers for obvious reasons pounded Agya Koo’s house fufu in his hay days.

According to Frank Fiifi Gharbin, these movie producers made this move basically to win the heart or better still the favour of Agya Koo so he will feature in their films.

This he explains that Agya Koo was the poster boy then and every movie that features his presence became an instant hit then, therefore, it became a must for movie producers to do the unthinkable just to get his signature.

Watch the interview below for more:


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