“GNASSM in Crisis: Members Demand Executive Ouster”

In a shocking turn of events, concerned members of the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners (GNASSM) have issued a press statement calling for the immediate removal of their executives. The statement, released on 28 May 2024, highlights a litany of grievances against the current leadership, citing a blatant disregard for the welfare and interests of the general membership.

According to the statement, the executives, who were elected four years ago, have demonstrated a lack of accountability and transparency in the management of the association’s affairs. They have failed to adhere to the constitutional provisions that govern the association, instead exploiting the rank and file for personal gain.

The statement also alleges that the executives have unfairly allocated concessions, with 30 out of 90 concessions designated for national distribution being allocated to certain executives. This, coupled with a gross disregard for the general membership and their concerns, has led to unprecedented levels of greed and self-interest.

The concerned members are demanding the immediate removal of the executives and the establishment of an interim team to reorganize the association. They are calling for leaders who are accountable, transparent, and committed to the welfare of all members.

The crisis in GNASSM has far-reaching implications for the mining industry in Ghana. The association’s inability to address the challenges facing its members has led to stagnated growth and a lack of progress in the sector.

The concerned members are urging the Minerals Commission to intervene urgently to ensure that the association has a leadership that is ready to work with all licensed miners to address the challenges facing the industry, particularly the issue of illegal mining.

If their call for emergency elections to remove the current executives is not adhered to within two weeks, the concerned members have vowed to take further action.

The development has sent shockwaves through the mining community, with many calling for urgent reforms to address the crisis in GNASSM.

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