Health Provider Heads Hold Exploratory Talks With NHIA On The Joint Implementation Of Preventive And Promotive Health Initiatives

The Ghana Health Service (GHS), Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), and the    Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana (PHAFoG) have held an exploratory meeting

with the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to jointly drive Preventive and

Promotive health initiatives in alignment with Ghana’s Universal Health Coverage roadmap.  This collaborative programme marks a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in improving equitable access to comprehensive quality health services for everyone living in Ghana.

The health sector’s new initiatives aim to shift focus from curative care to preventive and promotive health, recognizing that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, this novel    outook is intended to address key health issues such as communicable and non-

communicable diseases, maternal and child health, and overall health and wellbeing,

fostering a healthier population and reducing the burden on the healthcare system. Over  time, this monumental intervention would potentially catalyse cost containment measures

and enhance efficiency gains for the NHIA, which would ultimately enhance the responsiveness and sustainability of the NHIS.

The GHS, the central public health provision agency in Ghana with over 8000 facilities,

CHAG, representing over 300 health facilities, along with and the association representing    several private health facilities, focused the exploratory discussions around standard service

package, resource allocation, community outreach activities, and  rollout modalities amongst others, towards the effective operationalization of the initiative.

Dr. Patrick Kumah-Aboagye, Director-General of GHS, added, “The GHS initiated the setting up Wellness Clinics across the country in 2020 to facilitate preventive health checks of the

population, therefore the NHIA’s shift towards preventive and promotive health is crucial for sustainable healthcare. We are proud to partner with the NHIA and other health provision

entities in this transformative journey and are confident that these initiatives will bring lasting benefits to our communities.

Dr. Peter Yeboah, the Executive Director of CHAG, emphasized the importance of this

collaboration: “ Being a champion/advocate of compassionate healthcare service, CHAG

welcomes this value proposition initiative as a gamechanger for the health and wellbeing of all people living in Ghana. Therefore, with genuine commitments and effective NHIA-

Provider partnership, this special programme can promote economy, efficiency,

accountability and responsiveness in the way we design and deliver impactful health services for our people”

The Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana, represented by Dr. Sarfo a member and    Mr. Richard Frank-Torblu its General Secretary also expressed their enthusiasm, highlighting the role of innovation and private-public partnerships in advancing healthcare goals.

Dr. Da-Costa Aboagye, the NHIA Chief Executive expressed his appreciation for such a productive engagement and re-affirmed his commitment to collaborate with all

stakeholders to support the NHIA’s new paradigm shift of introducing Preventive and Promotive Health interventions, highlighting an expected positive impact on Ghana’s  healthcare system and reducing NHIA claims payments in the long run.

Consequently, the NHIA, CHAG, GHS, and private sector health partners call upon all

Ghanaians to embrace these initiatives and participate actively in the upcoming programs with the clarion call: “Together, we can build a healthier, stronger Ghana”!

Dr. Anarfi Asamoa-Baah, the former Deputy Director-General of the World Health

Organisation (WHO) and chairman of a committee, set up to facilitate the implementation of this ground-breaking programme moderated the discussions.

Source: Corporate Affairs Directorate, NHIA.

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