Lady quit her Job after man she met online promised to give her Multi-million position in his company only to find out he is broke

After reportedly attacking and dousing his 30-year-old pregnant lover, Shallot Kwagala, with acid in Namusera, Wakiso District, Uganda, 26-year-old teacher Rodgers Ngobi is being held by the police.

Shallot’s aunt and two sons also suffered severe burns in the incident.

As to the Daily Monitor, Rodgers persuaded Shallot to resign from her role at Mingo Hotel by guaranteeing her a co-directorship in his purported multimillion-dollar enterprise.

But Shallot found out that Rodgers was actually broke and had no business when she moved to the city with him.

“They met via OBS and OGS whatsapp group of St stephen SSS Budondo in Jinja district seven months ago, He promised to make her the co-director in his multi-million business in Kampala dealing in general mechanise and hardware

“Kwagala left her job when she reached kampala, things didn’t go on well as she expected she was shocked to find no shop dealing in general merchandise as he had promised she was instead taken to a single room rented house in Namusera Wakiso district with a small mattress and jerry cans in it.” The Kiira region police spokesperson, James Mubi said

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