Agradaa Sues Sara Gold And Others For Defamation

Rev. Dr. Evangelist Patricia Ashiamah has filed a writ at the High Court against Sarah Goold and five others for defamation.

Rev. Dr. Evangelist Patricia Ashiamah popularly called Evangelist Mama Pat (Agradaa) sued the Defendants (Sarah @ Sarah Gold, Michael Ofosu, Otwinoko TV, Kamafo Radio, Sister Akos TV and Oman Channel) for laying false claims against her amounting to what she described as defamation of her character.

Sarah Gold had claimed that her grandmother, as a token of appreciation for her dedication and service, reportedly presented her with a pot filled with gold prior to her passing.

Her grandmother’s parting advice was to have the gold blessed by a pastor, hence she turned to Nana Agradaa, also known as Evangelist Mama Pat, for spiritual aid.

According to her Nana Agradaa allegedly seized the pot of gold, insisting on a fee of GH¢1000 for the prayers, which Sarah complied with.
Subsequently, Nana Agradaa imposed an additional demand of GH¢4000, an amount beyond Sarah’s means and unable to satisfy this new monetary request, Sarah sought the return of her gold, but her repeated efforts over the years have proven fruitless.

However, the Plaintiff (Evangelist Mama Pat) in this matter denied the claims and sought legal means to clear her name by filing the case in Court.

All attempts to serve the Defendants in the case proved futile as according to the Communications and Legal Team of Mama Pat, the Defendants have been dodging the bailiff in his attempt to serve them with the Writ.

Addressing the Press Conference in Accra, a member of her Communications and Legal Team, RSM Kofi Doe-Lawson, indicated that the proliferation of false and baseless accusations aimed at tarnishing the reputation of such a revered figure within the Christian community is worrying.

“We categorically reject any attempt to undermine the integrity and credibility of Evangelist Mama Pat. We would like to emphasize that any individual or group making allegations against Evangelist Mama Pat must be prepared to provide concrete evidence to substantiate their claims at the law court. In the absence of valid evidence, such accusations will be deemed as malicious attempts to smear the name of a respected religious leader,” he said.

He said the said Sarah @ Sarah Gold is running helter-skelter from a summons emanating from the law court concerning defamation case against her.

According to her, Sarah Gold has been going rounds for the past six years on different platforms; Radio, TV, and social Media defaming Evangelist Mama Pat alleging that Mama Pat had collected her gold.

“She also alleged that Mama Pat used acid on an innocent child.”

He said: “We state categorically that all her claims are false and that is the reason why we are taking her and the others to court. The persons behind the alleged defamation are Sara @ Sara Gold, Kwame Mike popularly known as Amankrado, Okamafo Radio in the US, Michael Ofosu, Otwinoko TV and Oman Channel. Recently too, a group demonstrated on the same matter and even sent a petition to Parliament meanwhile the matter is in court. The Communication and Legal team will not stop pursuing the case in the law court for justice.”

RSM Kofi Doe-Lawson pointed out that amid the numerous allegations of cyberbullying, defamation, personality attacks and the maligning of Evangelist Patricia Asiamah, she has remained a beacon of hope and inspiration within our community and that her unwavering dedication to spreading the message of love, compassion, and faith has touched the lives of countless individuals remains strong.

“Furthermore, we wish to remind the public of the importance of upholding the principles of fairness, accuracy, objectivity, justice, and due process. In the event that legitimate grievances exist against Evangelist Mama Pat, we urge individuals to pursue appropriate channels for resolution, which may include the presentation of evidence before the competent Courts of our land. As a community, we must stand together in solidarity against any form of slander, defamation, or character assassination. Let us uphold the values of truth, integrity, and mutual respect as we navigate these challenging times,” he said.

He also stressed that Mama Pat has vowed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Ghana and beyond through her philanthropic adventures and the everyday show of love, therefore all Christians should rally behind her.

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