Adams Yussif Writes – Age, Experience And Leadership: Debunking Misconceptions Surrounding Our Revered Chief Of Staff, Maa Frema Opare

In the realm of politics, age often becomes a focal point of debate, but it’s imperative to shift the narrative from mere numerical digits to the depth of experience and leadership acumen a candidate possesses. Maa Frema Opare’s bid to become the running mate of Dr. Bawumia should not be overshadowed by age-related misconceptions, especially when her extensive experience and proven competence stand as testaments to her ability to lead effectively.

Age, in itself, should never serve as the sole criterion for assessing leadership potential. Rather, it is the amalgamation of years spent navigating the intricacies of governance, coupled with dedication and competence, that truly defines a leader’s capacity. Maa Frema Opare’s age of 76 should not detract from her candidacy; instead, it should underscore the reservoir of experience she brings to the table.

Maa Frema Opare’s illustrious career, marked by her tenure as a Deputy Minister of Man Power, Youth and Employment under His Excellency J.A Kuffour’s administration, Member of Parliament for Ayawaso West Wuogon for two terms and currently the Chief of Staff, positions her as a formidable candidate for the role of running mate. With decades of public service under her belt, she has repeatedly demonstrated her adeptness at tackling complex challenges and delivering tangible results for the betterment of society.

Moreover, the misconception that age diminishes one’s ability to provide effective leadership is fundamentally flawed. Leadership transcends physical prowess; it hinges on vision, strategic thinking, and the innate ability to inspire and unite people toward common objectives. Maa Frema Opare’s age should be viewed as an asset, symbolizing wisdom, maturity, and a profound understanding of governance dynamics.

Consider the example of Nelson Mandela, whose ascent to the presidency of South Africa at the age of 75 serves as a
reminder that age should never be a barrier to leadership excellence. Despite his advanced years, Mandela led his nation with unwavering determination, wisdom, and a commitment to reconciliation, cementing his legacy as one of history’s greatest leaders.

Furthermore, many revered traditional rulers across the globe, often well into their twilight years, continue to provide invaluable guidance and leadership to their communities. Their advanced age is not seen as a hindrance but rather as a source of wisdom and stability.

In conclusion, Maa Frema Opare’s candidacy for the position of running mate should be evaluated based on her sterling track record, competence, and visionary outlook, rather than arbitrary concerns about age. Her age should be celebrated as a reflection of her wealth of experience and her potential to provide steadfast, insightful leadership in times of challenge and change. Let us dispel the myths surrounding age and leadership, and instead, focus on recognizing and harnessing the invaluable contributions that leaders like Maa Frema Opare can make to the advancement of our nation.

Adams Yusif


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