Lady who dumped her poor boyfriend for a rich man gets dumped by him after finding out he is married

Kipyegon Rono, a young Kenyan man, recently shared updates about his relationship woes after being dumped by his lover.

He revealed that they had been in a two-year relationship when she left him for a wealthier suitor.

However, her newfound rich boyfriend failed to fulfill his promises, including offering her a job in a supermarket to earn money.

Ultimately, she found herself stranded after her rich lover abandoned her. 

He said to Tuko: “The man had promised to give her a job in a supermarket so that she could work over the holidays and earn some money. The guy also works in the supermarket, where he promised to give her a job. However, the man did not keep his end of the bargain. He left her stranded after she discovered more heartbreaking information about her new guy.

“She was never given the job and, worse, found out the man had a wife. Now, she is calling me and asking for forgiveness and wants us to get back together.”

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