Government Launches Performance Tracker Portal…

The Hon Minister of Works and Housing Honourable Kojo Oppong Nkrumah on Wednesday officially launched a digital device to monitor track and evaluate the various projects : finished, ongoing or initiated in the regions and districts of Ghana by the government.

The whole ceremony was to tell Ghanaians of the numerous government projects spread out in all parts of the country and their stages of completion by the government agencies.

The Minister indicated that over 13,000 projects have been undertaken by the government since it came to power in January 2017.

All the various ministries, agencies, and districts have updated the projects on the portal for anyone who wants to see and assess the progress or stage of any particular project that can go to :

The Minister argued that many Ghanaians, Academia,NGOs, CSOs, and journalists most often want to find out what projects the government has undertaken and whether they are commensurate with monies accruing to the government ?

He explained that this portal is created to answer some of these nagging questions often asked on a daily basis : What has government done with our taxes ,loans, and monies ?

The Minister said if you take a particular base year, then one can do a better comparison and assessment of where a particular sector was and where it is now .

According to him, the portal contains accurate data that can be updated on a daily ,weekly, or monthly basis so that opponents can not just throw out there because it can be verified .

In order to ascertain certain information, one selects a particular project in question in a particular ministry or agency and browses for the information he/she she needs about it .

This happened at GIMPA to give account of what people’s monies have been used for and do a proper comparison of the political competitors and the achievements of their tenure.

With this development, any Ghanaian can easily access the state of any project at any part of the country to find out the state of that project at the comfort of your home ,office, or anywhere.

By so doing, the duty, bearers will be made to account to the people and their superiors as and when it becomes very necessary.

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