Reflecting the Fragrance of Christ: Bishop Edwards Urges Christians to Embody Christ in Their Actions

Bishop Edwards, the founder and senior pastor of Perfecting Church International, South Africa, has encouraged Christians to embody Christ in their actions, reflecting His love and grace to the world.

As we gear up for the Easter Celebration, Bishop Edwards emphasizes the importance of letting the fragrance of Christ shine through us. It’s all about attracting unbelievers to the Christian faith and showing them the beauty of following Christ.

Bishop Edwards also reminds us of the true essence of Easter, which is the atonement work of Christ on the cross. He highlights that Christianity is built on the foundation of Christ’s sacrifice, making us citizens and servants of God. “Through His death and resurrection, we have faith, the ability to do God’s work, and the fulfillment of His promises in our lives.” He added.

Prophet Samuel Addison, the founder and leader of Eagle House Chapel International and the host of the upcoming Passover convention, themed “ Divine exemption through the blood” addressed the issue of Christians losing faith due to the economic challenges in our country.

Prophet Addison firmly stated that those who truly rely on their faith in Christ are not affected by the current economic crisis. He acknowledged that the economic conditions are not ideal, but he emphasized that this is a global challenge, not just a challenge faced by our country. Therefore, he encouraged Christians to strengthen their faith in Christ. This statement was made as he welcomed Bishop H.F Edwards and his team from South Africa to Ghana for the Passover convention. Prophet Addison urges everyone to participate in this year’s mega convention.

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