“Political Turmoil Unleashed: Hon. Abraham Kofi Asante Faces Fierce Backlash Over Defection Drama at Asankrangwa Funeral”

The serene atmosphere of Buadum School Park in Asankrangwa shattered on Saturday, March 9th, 2024, as emotions ran high and chaos erupted during the final funeral rites of Hon. Eric Afful’s late mother. The spotlight fell on Hon. Abraham Kofi Asante, former NDC stalwart turned NPP candidate, as he announced his return to the NDC fold, triggering a tidal wave of outrage and condemnation from furious party loyalists.

In a dramatic twist, amidst the presence of NDC heavyweights, Rev. Kofi Asante’s defection announcement was met with a cacophony of disapproval, with enraged supporters unleashing a torrent of boos, jeers, and chants demanding his departure. This unexpected backlash sent shockwaves through the political landscape, leaving many bewildered observers grasping for explanations.

Diving into the heart of the discontent, a vocal NDC supporter, speaking anonymously, justified the uproar as a response to what they saw as Hon. Kofi Asante’s repeated betrayals and self-serving maneuvers, labeling him a “political turncoat” driven by greed and opportunism. They pointed to his history of party-hopping, including stints with the DFP and NPP, as evidence of his untrustworthiness and lack of principles.

Adding fuel to the fire, videos circulated on social media featuring another NDC official echoing sentiments likening Hon. Asante to an “unreliable traitor,” drawing parallels to scathing remarks made by Hon. Kingsley Alban Sumani Bagbin. These accusations stemmed from Hon. Asante’s track record of abrupt exits and flip-flopping loyalties, including his recent defection from the NPP back to the NDC.

In response to the uproar, the Wassa Amenfi West NPP issued a stern statement urging calm and unity within the party ranks in the wake of Hon. Asante’s departure. The statement, signed by constituency secretary Mathew Donovan Abiyaw, condemned Asante’s decision to publicly defect without prior consultation, denouncing it as a breach of trust.

Emphasizing Asante’s contributions to the NPP cause, the statement highlighted his tenure as CEO of the Ghana Investment Fund for Telecommunication under Ex-President Kuffuor and his subsequent role at GIFEC. It also acknowledged the party’s substantial support for Asante’s 2020 campaign, portraying his defection as a betrayal of their investment and solidarity.

Source :Dominic Kojo Blay

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