I rejected 100 men when I was a young lady, but now I’m 86, single and a Virgin

Sophia Saidi, an 86-year-old woman, has expressed her regrets about not getting married, having children, or experiencing romantic relationships during her youth. She candidly shared her feelings about not marrying or having intimate relationships with men.


When asked on what made her virgin since all this years, she said: “I didn’t like making friends or getting close to men, often guys would come up to me and say they loved me but i was always busy with may things also whenever a guy approached me, i would first look at him and try to figure out if he had a good future ahead.

I would look at the man and think about whether if i started a relationship with him, we would become rich or stay poor at that time, i thought i was being really smart by thinking this way but now i can see the result of those choices.”

Narrating on how she comes from a family where they choose a man for them to marry, she said: “When i was younger in our family we had a rule where you marry a man chosen by your parents, but i always told my dad that I didn’t want to marry a man they picked out for me, I wanted to fall in love with a man i found on my own, because of this, i often to stay away from home to avoid the man my father wanted me to marry, If a man came to our house and i thought he was there to marry me i would run away and no one knew where i went, In my mind, i believe that age did not matter i also thought that as long as i was a virgin i wouldn’t miss out on marrying well.”

Her regrets, she said: “Today i feel like it’s my fault for causing all of this not having anyone with me.”


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