My money fell into the gutter & he picked it for me – Late Kumah’s wife narrates how they met

The late John Kumah’s wife has reminisced fondly about their nearly two decades of marriage.

Apostle Lilian Kumah claims that she was married the next year after meeting Johnny (John Kumah) somewhere on Accra’s Malam Road in 2005.

“We met in Accra when I had just completed secondary school. I was working at the time, while he had also completed the University and working. My money fell into the gutter and he picked it for me. I bought plantain chips and he asked me to buy some for him.

I told him I had limited funds so I decided to share the chips with him. He visited me the following Sunday after church and we started a relationship. A year later, we got married. And we have been together for almost 18 years.  He has been my mentor, my teacher through good and bad times,”  She said in an interview with Accra-based Asaase Radio, March 11.

She refuted claims made during the same interview that her late husband had food poisoning.

Apostle Lilian Kumah claims that since August of last year, her husband of eighteen years has been ill.

The widow pointed out that he was diagnosed with a blood-related disease in Germany when she accompanied her husband for a medical check-up.

“Right from day one, since he was diagnosed in Germany, I have been part of the medical processes my husband went through, and no one, none of the doctors ever told me that my husband’s medical situation was because of poisoning.

“I have all the medical reports both from Germany and Ghana and food poisoning has never been mentioned in any of the reports,” she said in an interview on Accra-Based Asaase Radio, March 11.

“He was motivated by a particular motto that he always operated by which is, ‘We don’t do what is convenient, we do what we are commanded to do’. So [despite] all the pain, he endured.

“Why is it that someone has been this bold to claim that he knows for a fact that a person like John Kumah who has serviced his country virtually all his life, was poisoned, while he was working for his country and party (New Patriotic Party, NPP), why should we sit down and not bring that person to book.

“If it is true that a person who is not dead but alive claims that he knows how my husband (John Kumah) died and that he was poisoned, and that person is still moving around for the past three weeks, it hurts me, it saddens me, and I do not know how best to express my frustrations about these false claims by Captain Smart.

“If there are laws in this country concerning such false claims, I think this is the time for the leadership of the land to bring that wicked person to book to prove his false claims and to point out the persons who were involved in the poisoning of my late husband,” She added.

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