“I want to marry someone like my current boyfriend but not my current boyfriend” – Lady shares

The statement a South African lady made about her relationship on the X has sparked an outrage online.

The lady tweeted that she wants to settle down with someone like her current boyfriend but not her present boyfriend.

The statement which was quite confusing for the majority resulted in them throwing jabs at her while asking her to expatiate on what she meant.

The lady answered by tweeting that she wished God can transfer everything he has to another man, adding that she can’t settle with her current partner even though she likes him.

Her tweet read;

“I want to marry someone like my current boyfriend but not my current boyfriend. Everything that man is just transferred to another man. I hope that makes sense to you, God!! Kuthiwa I must settle I have one life. I’d rather be single than settle. To settle ya’ll question, he isn’t South African, I’d just love to settle down with a South African for an easier or convenient life. If it makes sense. He is not ugly, broke or married like some have tried to guess lol Ya’ll don’t know my relationship nor the dynamics. You find offense in me stating my preference, when the person I am dating doesn’t, the problem is you. Otherwise we make each other happy, go puke your guts out in borrowed anger and leave me.“

Even though she asked internet users to stay out of her relationship and not judge her with what she wrote, they took to her comment section to tag her as confused and not knowing what she wants.


Source: Yabaleft

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