A rich man is not a high-value man, Go for a man that cares for you- Lady tells ladies (Video)

A woman has urged her fellow women to stop equating a man’s value with his wealth. She argued that just because a man has money doesn’t mean he has a high value as a person.

Instead, she encouraged women to look at other factors, such as kindness, respect, and emotional intelligence, when evaluating the value of a man.

She also used some people as examples like those who have money but does not treat others well.

According to her, A High value man is someone that treats a lady well, good, takes care of their woman and also a man who understands himself well emotionally in all aspect.

“Some people have money but don’t treat you and others well. They don’t have dignity. Your character is bad. Now is that also a high-value man?” she said in a part


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