End the Poisonous Politics, Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey: Unite Ghana Against Tribalism and Division -NPPUSA Branch Youth Organizer

In recent discourse, inflammatory remarks have marred the political landscape, embodying a regressive step for our nation. The recent diatribe against individuals based on tribal affiliations by Fiifi Kwetey, a prominent figure and General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress, epitomizes a disturbing trend of divisive rhetoric that undermines the core principles of national unity and progress.

Such tribalistic and vindictive attitudes, as displayed by Fiifi Kwetey, a hierarchy of political bigots does not only alienate segments of our society but also erode the very foundation of democracy. The duty of a political leader transcends mere party allegiance; it encompasses a commitment to fostering inclusivity and advancing the collective welfare of all citizens, regardless of ethnicity or background.

The assertion that certain tribes are inferior or unworthy of leadership positions is not only baseless but also dangerous. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes and deepens existing divisions within our society. Ghana’s strength lies in its diversity, and any attempt to undermine this diversity undermines the fabric of our nation.

Moreover, resorting to personal attacks and derogatory language against political opponents is not only unbecoming but also counterproductive. It distracts from substantive policy discussions and impedes genuine progress towards addressing the myriad of challenges facing our nation.

It is imperative that we, as a society, unequivocally condemn such behavior and demand accountability from our leaders. Political discourse should be characterized by respect, civility, and a commitment to truth and integrity.

As we navigate the complexities of governance and seek to build a brighter future for our nation, let us reject the politics of division, vituperation, and embrace the principles of unity, inclusivity, and mutual respect. Our collective success depends on it. Enough is enough.

Danny Opoku Antwi
(NPP-USA Branch Youth Organizer)

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